Free Emotional Regulation

Free Emotional Regulation

No excuses left to have an incredible life

I want to teach you this! Once I have a weekly class participation of 10 people a week I’ll teach this on zoom for a donation. You decide what it worth, and every once per week I’ll teach you the tools to practice daily, until you have RBF: Resting Bliss Face! Message me and we will set it up, it’ll be less than a copay, and my first piece of advice will pay for it!

Reaching a flow state state of regulating without mindfully regulating your emotions should be the goal of every human being on the planet. I saw a meme the other day I completely agree with it said the magic you are seeking is in the practices you are avoiding. Disciplines such as breath work, cold and hot conditioning, fasting, delaying gratification, meditation, devotion and gratitude, service of others, prayer, writing, and present focused mindfulness; will get you into the flow state. Things practiced enough become second nature, and things that become second nature don’t require active thought. The closest comparison I have to how this feels is Neo in The Matrix, at the end when he comes into his power, and defeats his enemies with one hand tied behind his back. Utter complete calm, and focused like a laser without even trying. 

Some of the things others have described to me as hard which have become so easy, as to not really require any thinking. I read and research so much that my reading to writing ration is 69:1. I’ve written a book without a deadline in a couple weeks. The footnotes and research is outlined as I read and therefore available at hand when I get the desire to write. I can skim read through twenty thousand words an hour with comprehension. I can meditate away aches and pains by modulating my breath because I’ve spent so many hours doing this. I have the resting heart rate of an athletic man in his twenties or early thirties, I’m neither athletic, I’ve abuse hard drugs most of my life, and I’m still about twenty pounds overweight, and smoke cigarettes. In meditation I breathe less than twice a minute, once on a heroin overdose my respiration fell to three breaths a minute and my life was in severe danger. 

This has transferred to all areas of my life, I’ll make a full dinner for my wife and I and she’s always shocked how quick it is, and when I serve it the dishes are already finished while the food is still hot. This isn’t even really average home cooking but rivals the take out places we would normally drop fifty dollars on for a meal. Multiple threads of thought are occurring at the same time, making any of these things look super easy. Cooking high end cuisine, playing music, illustrating books, and writing them simultaneously like bipolar in full mania but well thought out, well planned, and well orchestrated. 

This is the reasons special forces training is done in such inhospitable environments. Cold water training, desert training, jungle training because this give incredible control and powers over your emotions. Having this power over your emotional responses is also a vehicle for incredible happiness. Studying how your emotions peak in certain events, and you actually feel high on your endorphins, and neurotransmitters, means you can replicate these experiences. It’s easier to figure out what your calling is. You simply follow your bliss, and make a living from that. 

I’ve done all these things while working at jobs that for most people are a drag. Not many people want to work with drug addicts in recovery or not, most people don’t get a kick out spending much time with those suffering from mental illness. Not only do I love these things, I’m able to make the parts I don’t love into areas I do love. This is the real emotional alchemy that comes from this. I can find a silver lining in any circumstance. Put in prison? Won’t have to pay any bills, no responsibilities, can really focus on working out, practice some of the fighting skills I’ve been working on. Divorce? Get to do whatever I want with no thought about how my spouse feels about it, date some new women, dress up as a wizard everyday, skies the limit. When you can transform miserable experiences into more pleasant gratifying activities you can transform everything into measurable happiness and success. 

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