Best revenge is none.

Best revenge is none.

Revenge, the best is none at all

One Christmas when I didn’t think very much of myself at all, two of my family members were laughing about the work I did. I worked in the phone store within Walmart. There actually in honesty was a fair amount of technical acumen needed to help people with the phone problems, and getting people signed up contractually with three different national carriers, with three different sets of rules was actually quite a lot to learn. Also it was honest work, not that I was an honest employee at that time, I was still heavily addicted to cocaine. I actually think my cocaine addiction led me to employee of the month at one time, and I had a lot of customers who’d only deal with me. I knew all the ins and outs to set up enterprising, if alternative, business men, and women with completely untraceable phones. I feel no remorse for helping them to beat the man by whatever means necessary. As one hand washes another outside business could also become quite lucrative. Also as I was such an impossible prestige pleaser, my ultra cocaine fueled cleaned business areas actually made my manager happy. Me needing to use the restroom every 15 minutes wasn’t enough trouble in comparison to the manic work drive this drug gave me. I can see why stockbrokers of the eighties had plenty on hand. 

These days these family members still just get by doing what they’ve always done, and one even had something negative to comment about the love of my life. Not in front of me of course, but I wouldn’t have said anything anyway. It’s not worth it with some people. The kind of people who berate another for honest hard work being among the type I wish to be apart from. I don’t wish them I’ll, I don’t wish they’d fail, or struggle, I just like the idea of them not being fed from my table, I don’t want them to go hungry, but to just go and eat down yonder with their bullshit. 

I actually feel sorry for them nearing their senior years and living like this. Their children are unhappy, their mates are unhappy, they are unhappy, and most people who encounter them become unhappy. I simply won’t let them steal any of my joy nor pay one more second than necessary thinking about them. This included resenting them. Resenting them would be freely giving them, or the idea of them my attention. I have interesting things to give my attention to. I have pleasant things to attend to. I have loved ones to attend to. I have those who want my help to attend to. I have creations to attend to. 

I didn’t feel the need tonight to tell them about the six book I’ve written, or to list off the accomplishments I’ve managed in the last six years. The certifications I’ve achieved, the people I’ve helped, or any of the myriad accomplishments I’ve garnered in my work. Even that would be too much in the name of revenge, and I’ll not have it. When I’m featured in my second national platform maybe they’ll see that and stew a while, but it won’t be because I’ve rubbed it in their face. Because it’s simply not worth the time the effort, or the acrimony it’ll produce. 

 I can truly pity people like this because I understand it comes from a place of great discord and unhappiness. They elevated themselves once by putting down my employment, and assassinating my character. The greatest revenge will be when they eventually need my help. Help which I will provide because I’ve seen just how mercy works. My mercy in the face of their cruelty indeed does light coals on a persons head. The humble pie they’ll eat when they finally have that need won’t be fed to them by me, it’ll be eaten by choice if or when they need my help, because they’ll have to swallow. Lot of pride to ask the man they made fun of to help their loved one. People this miserable always eventually need this kind of help. I’ll provide it because even if it’s directly for them, I have a higher employer. To whom much is given much is expected, and I’ve been given the world at my fingertips, and the kingdom of heaven on earth.

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