These meditations employ a blend of self-hypnosis and the latest science of polyvagal theory to help you rewrite your inner dialogue and thought processes. They use hypnotic script, so please don't use when operating a vehicle. The employ the latest breathwork and use both somatic experiencing and polyvagal theory to help one develop a good felt sense of when the body is in different modalities of the nervous system. Those are ventral vagal or self-regulation which is a calm feeling of peace. Fight or flight where a bit of nervous fear and anxiety takes over. Dorsal vagus which is best described as lost, helpless or shut down. Understanding the different states of the nervous system will help you to navigate through them rather than get stuck within.

Also, each contains a body scan section which uses anchoring. Anchoring is as simple as touching thumb to forefinger once a calm state of ventral vagus is achieved. This gets the body accustomed to entering this state. Once a regular practice ensues you'll be able to enter this calm state on command. This comes in handy when dealing with stressful situation.

Custom meditations with affirmations designed according to need are available to order and purchase.

These use the latest sound technologies, and incorporate binaural beats for enhanced relaxation. Relaxation is a skill to be honed that most of us are not born with. Most people live their lives in some state of fight or flight, also known as mobilization. Learning the skill of meditation has prodigious results for enhance brain activities and health. Dr. Andrew Newberg did studies on people who had never meditated practicing Kirtan Kriya or Sa Ta Na Ma meditation for only 12 minutes per day for 8 weeks. He did S.P.E.C.K. (single-photo emission computerized tomography) analysis before and after his meditation experiments. His results were increased blood flow to the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. These are the areas that are believed to help us be rational human beings and connect with our peers respectively.

Below are links to 3 Meditations for your use free of charge, if they are helpful to you please pay it forward!

Polyvagal with 852hz background

Polyvagal with Sea-shore background

Shorter Manifesting gratitude meditation

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