Read My book free of charge!

Read My book free of charge!

Beyond Fellowship 

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Well the anticipated moment, anticipated by me anyway has arrived. My book is available for purchase on Amazon. I bought the first copy for myself, to allow at least a little vanity out of this project. It’ll be nice to hold in my hands, and see on my shelf the fruit of my labor of love. When my editor sends me the fully formatted copy, I’ll also put the entirety, unabridged on my website, free of charge. The book is about making the most and getting the most use out of the twelve steps.

Most people see the twelve steps as an approach to alleviate the hollow empty emotions left in the wake of addiction. I see addiction everywhere, where most relegate it to substances. Substance addiction is the symptom of a life of emotional discord, chaos, and often lack of purpose and direction. As such addiction is everywhere, not just substance abuse. Therefore this book will be useful to anyone who would like better control over their emotions, through establishing a relationship with God.

Carl Jung thought alcoholics, called dipsomaniacs at that time, needed to replace the spirits with another spirit; in order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life without the booze. His shadow work is incorporated within the structure of the steps. The catharsis of rigorous honesty, confession, and redemption are all incorporated within. A daily regimen of self-appraisal, and reflection, prayer, and meditation. These actions do not just help those with substance use disorders, but also those dissatisfied with a purely material existence.

I’ve found no better way to live fearlessly than to replace the fear with faith. Even without the belief in an almighty being, this would still be sound advice. Just having the faith things will work out and be ok because they always eventually are is a good start. Existentially things are always ok until we stop breathing, and at that point, if I’m wrong about God existing; I certainly won’t be conscious of it. Living free of fear is truly living free. When all your choices are based on the fear everything will go wrong, you’ll take no risks, and maybe you’ll have a safe and boring life free of any real excitement.

I hope this book will provide hope to those who need it, and that people will get something out of it that is helpful. There are many other resources to explore if this book whets your appetite. I don’t pit it out there as the most exhaustive look at the twelve steps. I just try to point people in a direction where they don’t make the same mistakes I and many others have made.Availible free, or on Amazon